The Time Machine

Published in 1895 by Heinemann UK, H. G. Wells’ beloved tale of time travel launched his reputation as the father of science fiction and coined the now popular concept of a “time machine.”  Originally written as a serial frame narrative, the Time Traveller begins his story of adventures 800,000 years into the future with the simple words, “I’ve had a most amazing time…”

Both hard core sci-fi fans and audiences of all ages were in mind as I created this evocative chamber theatre adaptation, which retains much of H. G. Wells’ original language but adds humor and dialogue that keep the story refreshing and accessible to contemporary audiences.

The Time Machine featured Chris Curtis as the Time Traveller, recently nominated for a Spotlight Award for his performance.  Joining him were Kolby Hume as The Writer, and Kevin Baringer, Teddi Kenick-Bailey and Adam LaFramboise in multiple roles. Genevieve Aichele directs, with lighting design by Tayva Young, set design by Quentin Stockwell, costume design by Fran Bechtold, sound design by Robin Fowler.

For details on my projection design for this work, please visit this part of my portfolio.