Marianne and Roland meet and fall in love.  Or perhaps they don’t.

Nick Payne’s witty comedy about the significance of falling in love within the vastness of our complex human existence takes us on a journey through parallel universes and the multiple nuances of loving relationships.

CJ Lewis and Colleen A. Madden are mesmerizing…no student or lover of theatre should miss “Constellations” 
The Edge Review

Constellations is all at once endearing and intriguing – a modern love story of missed connections, misunderstandings, and moments lost in time.  What’s so captivating about this play is that the ideas within it are so vast and universal.  It’s thought-provoking but it’s also hilarious.  On every single page the dialogue unfolds, subtly explaining where, who, why, and what, in a way that affords the actors an opportunity to improvise, and live each scene as if it’s the first time they’ve met.  We capture a snapshot for a moment, and then it’s gone.  To watch two skilled performers interact, and surprise one another is beauty.  No two performances are likely to be the same.

The design team for Constellations includes lighting design by Meghann Beauchamp, and stage management by Mary Langley.  A reading of the play will also be featured on May 3, as part of New Hampshire Theatre Project’s Elephant-in-the-Room Series.