At The Table: a play with food


“Who will I cook for? Who will wash the dishes? This was our table, Charlie. This was your place at our table.”

Funny, tender, and ever so tasty. At The Table whisks together a bounty of stories that tackle our sticky love affair with food. Pull up a chair and join us for the world premiere of this provocative new play, an immersive theatrical experience that explores family, food, and the way we eat. As part of the experiential performance, audience members will enjoy a family-style dinner created by chef Sam Ostrow (Block Six).

In 2006, I inherited her grandmother’s collection of cookery books, cut-out recipes, and scribbled notes from the kitchen. From that myriad of memories, I has created a work that explores the complicated world of food production and consumption. The heart of this play captures the joy of wholesome family cooking that warms us all. However, as we delve deeper into the subject of our food, some indigestible truths begin to surface.

With live music composed and performed by Jonny Peiffer (Sojoy) this is an evening at the theatre to engage all senses. Smell the stew cooking in the kitchen and the fresh baked bread laid out in the dining room, listen to the piano in the living room and hear the stories of the food we’ve shared.